The Bahamas

Climate in The Bahamas

Geographically situated at the very top of the Caribbean islands, The Bahamas boasts a tropical climate that is slightly cooler than its neighbouring vacation spots. During the dry season (November to April), The Bahamas offers a welcoming temperature range of 18°C to 27°C. Consistent trade winds keep the island breezy, and comfortable ocean water temperatures bring an opportunity to cool off even further. For those who dread hot and balmy places but still want to escape harsh Canadian winters, this is the vacation spot for you.

In the summer months, rain dominates the forecast. The Bahamas sees an average of 18 rainy days per month from June to October. Precipitation often comes in short but strong spurts, clearing up quickly and returning to sun in as little as just a few minutes. This is also the time of year when the country is prone to very strong winds.

Despite the uptick in tropical storm appearances in the past five years, The Bahamas has historically avoided the most serious of hurricanes. One notable exception is in September 2019, when Hurricane Dorian became the first Category 5 hurricane since 1992 to make landfall, causing massive damage.

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