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The Caribbean is known for its hot temperatures, pristine beaches, and cultural vibrancy.

The Caribbean’s tropical climate boasts distinct wet and dry seasons. During the rainy season (May to October), air temperatures are hotter, and most days experience at least a modest amount of rainfall.

Conversely, during the dry season (November to April), air temperatures dip slightly, and precipitation amounts are considerably lower.

Parts of the region are also prone to powerful hurricanes, with most occurring during August to October.

United States

Experience a range of diverse climates across all fifty United States! Depending on your appetite, you can soak in the hot sun by visiting tropical destinations like Hawaii or Florida, or try your hand at snow sports any time of year in mountainous regions like Oregon, Colorado, or Vermont.


An assortment of climates are all within reach across Europe, with most countries experiencing distinct warm and cool seasons during the calendar year.

More extreme weather environments, like the French Alps or the beaches of Southern Spain, are also accessible if that suits your preference.


Canada’s climate can mostly be categorized as long, cold winters and comfortable, temperate summers. Snow is a defining characteristic across the country and in some areas, it can be present for six to eight months of the year.

Summers are more uniform than winter, and are characterized by high levels of humidity and modest amounts of rainfall.


Australia is generally known for having a hot, sunny climate, but due to the country’s massive size, weather conditions and temperatures tend to vary depending on where you visit.

Popular destinations like Melbourne and Sydney are characterized by temperate climates with four distinct seasons. Conversely, cities along the northeastern coast experience a tropical climate akin to the Caribbean.