Dominican Republic

Climate in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is mostly a tropical climate complete with warm ocean water, lots of sunshine, and intense humidity. It’s a mountainous country, which means even the shortest of drives between cities can lead to dramatic weather changes.

Just like in the rest of the Caribbean, The Dominican Republic has a wet season and a dry season, however, these seasons begin and end at different times of the calendar year depending on whether you vacation in the north or south of the country.

In the north, beachside destinations like Puerto Plata see intense rainfall from November to May, making April to October the best time to visit. During these prime vacation months, the ocean sits around a balmy 29°C, and air temperatures range from the mid twenties to the low thirties.

In the south and south-east (where Punta Cana is), precipitation is considerably more intense during the opposite months, making December to April the best time of year to visit. Air temperatures during these prime vacation months sit between the mid to high twenties.

In short, the Dominican Republic is an all-year destination. Its varying topography can lead to a different weather experience depending on where you are at any given time. The plus side is that if you’re experiencing inclement weather where you are, warm and sunny skies are usually just a short drive away.