Climate in Spain

Spain is generally regarded as a hot, sunny vacation destination, although by looking in the right places, it is possible to seek out chillier winters fit for skiing.

Most tourists tend to visit cities along the Balearic Sea like Barcelona or Valencia. Summers in these coastal cities are pleasantly warm with very little rainfall. Similarly, island destinations like Ibiza or Palma offer the same mediterranean climate, but with slightly hotter air temperatures.

Inland, cities like Seville see a more dramatic range of weather compared to their coastal counterparts. Here, temperatures can get blisteringly hot during dry summer months, and increased rainfall during early winter can cause some vacation disturbances.

Madrid’s high altitude exposes it to below-zero temperatures during the winter, including a period in January 2021 where 50cm of snow fell on the city, setting a new record.

The Canary Islands, which sit closer to Africa than mainland Spain, are another popular island getaway with pleasant summer temperatures and very little rainfall.